Friday, October 10, 2008

Cesium Formate

What is cesium formate used for?

Cesium formate was produced in the mid 1990’s. Oil wells and high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) wells companies now use cesium formate. The aqueous solutions of cesium formate were formed when reacting formic acid with cesium hydroxide. Cesium is a rare natural element.

Nowadays the biggest oil company names use cesium formate. Government officials of various countries have tested the chemical to ensure complete safety and protection for workers and the public. Companies use cesium formate for petroleum exploration. It’s used as a drilling fluid and as a lubricant in drill bits. Drills penetrate more effectively through the surface. It also helps amalgamate rock debris rise up to the surface. Pressure and temperature shifts occur very rapidly in oil drilling. Cesium formate helps stabilize constant pressure on the formation for well drilling. Once oil companies switched to using this chemical, there has been outstanding increase in production, efficiency and safety. Cesium formate is efficient for technology, engineering and safe for the environment. The brine has a high density and cesium has a gentle nature. Hence, less toxic high-density solids are needed in the drilling fluid. Furthermore, the working environment is friendlier and not virulent.

Cesium formate is making a difference worldwide. However, the chemical still has unusual characteristics that are not completely comprehended. Oil digging is excessively complicated and time-consuming. High-pressure high temperature wells can be highly dangerous. Corrosive chemicals like zinc bromide brines are still operated in drill bits and have pernicious characteristics.
This revolutionary chemical has made many great changes. As mentioned before, cesium formate is the resultant mix of cesium hydroxide with formic acid. The chemical formula is: HCOOCs. Companies have said to increase their production and lower costs. The non-corrosive feature of cesium formate does not harm tools and machines that are utilized in the oil and gas wells. Companies change spare parts less frequently and have longer working use. Governments worldwide have regarded cesium formate as a work-friendly product and considered safe from the Health Safety and Environment Department. The two incredible advantages of cesium formate are its biodegradable and recycle features. Energy is an important and hot topic nowadays. Many famous oil companies have switched to cesium formate.

Technicians and engineers work hard everyday to create chemicals and products such as cesium formate. Although most people have no idea what this chemical is, it has made drastic chances in the oil industry. This effective chemical is primarily a brine for oil and gas wells. It is more precisely employed as workover and suspension fluids in high-pressure high-temperature fields. When cesium formate brines started being used, a massive difference in efficiency and productivity was noticed. When you compare cesium formate to other brines, it has a benign feature because of the natural cesium based composition. Let me tell you one more time: the two basic products used to make cesium formate are formic acid and cesium hydroxide. Company officials will tell anyone that this non-corrosive product is a cost-efficient good for the oil industry. Although it has a funny name, cesium formate indirectly helps millions of people fill up their Toyota Rav4 or Kleemann Mercedes.

If you work in the industry of large-scale drilling and completion projects, then cesium formate should be taken into consideration. It efficiently lubricates drill bits and creates greater drill speed and power. The eco-friendly characteristics of cesium formate even makes working conditions healthier for everyone. Like I mentioned before, cesium formate also has a fantastic Health Safety and Environment profile. Oh yes, one more thing! Cesium formate has fantastic compatibility with all of the important drilling and completion equipment. Remember, high pressures and temperatures occur constantly in oil wells. I’m not sure how, but cesium formate simply does the job right.

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